Welcome to the Claremont Café

The Claremont Cafe is located in Montreal at the edge of Westmount and NDG. Combining a uniquely urban-fused menu with a warm and elegant atmosphere, the Claremont has become one of the great attractions of west-Montreal’s dining scene. For any occasion - casual, formal or business - the Claremont will ensure incredible food, warm hospitality and an unforgettable dining experience.

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A short history of the claremont

The Claremont Café was bought in July of 2003 by four friends who have been in the business all of their lives. Together, they combine for almost fifty years of experience, which is exceptional considering they are all in their early 30’s!

Kyle Kerr and Greg Sams are co-owners of Restaurant La Louisiane just down the street. Kyle also completed a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management. Greg is also part owner of Shaika Café just down Sherbrooke.

Aaron Fraser gained his experience in Montreal, Toronto, Whistler and Vancouver opening such restaurants as The Hard Rock Café Whistler, Dicks Grill & Vine in Toronto, and Umberto Menghi’s “Circolo” in Vancouver among others.

Patrick O’Reilly brings his restaurant and bar experience from Calgary where he worked his way through some of the busiest bars and restaurants in Canada!

All the partners share a great love of the business!